Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This week's goal...


This week, I'm concentrating on planning for the month of November. My goal is to get grocery spending to around $100 per week, or $400 per month. I'm trying first to get some sort of sense of what I have in the pantry to work with, although I do realize that I have to figure that once it's used, it's gone and I have to replace, ya know? But we have a good bit of storage stacked with dry goods to fall back on.

What else do we have to work with? Well, quite an extensive collection of recipes, for one. I would love to share recipes and meal plans here, but I'm awaiting information on whether or not it is legal to post them here under "fair use" or "public domain." We also live in an area with a lot of farming, so local produce is a great resource. There is also a local farm store with a great butcher shop that sells "freezer packages." Our plan for November is to stock the freezer with one of these packages and go from there.

I'll also note that I don't have to plan for Thanksgiving or any major entertaining this month since we'll be visiting family for that holiday.

That is my rather boring post for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with musings about coupons and stockpiling!

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